Athletic Recovery

Onsite Wellness Services

We believe fitness and health must be always integrated.
Our service combines modern exercise therapy and health services, all provided by a single integrated team.
Through our program, clients who choose to join, gain access to a personal physician, and on-site wellness services.

What do you get

24/7 Direct communication

During office hours, your calls will be answered live with no recordings to navigate. After hours, you will have easy and direct communications with your physician for urgent issues, by personal cell phone, email or text message.

Aesthetics Services

As a member of our concierge practice, you will receive courtesy discounts and promotions for Aesthetics and Wellness treatments, procedures and products.

Focus on Fitness

We will continously monitor your level of fitness and manage your in-studio phyiscal training plans, provide weight management guidance, and recommend an appropriate course of action.


Body Contouring

This hour multi-step procedure combines Ultrasound Cavitation and Radio Frequency Waves to break up subcutaneous fat deposits, remove cellulite, and tighten the skin. Harmonic Vibrations and Low Frequency Electric Muscle Stimulation sculpts and tones the muscle.

InBody Scaning

InBody Technology is the next evolution in BIA and body composition analysis. The Inbody uses bioelectrical impedance to measure your muscle mass, your fat mass, and give you a better understanding of your body composition. The scan includes detailed review and goal setting with a therapist.

Metabolic & Hormone Testing

Broad-range metabolic and hormonal tests, such as Adrenal, Cardio, Elements, Hormone, and Vitamin, Menopause at-home ZRT Lab test. Additional testing options are available as recommended by a physician.

Athletic Recovery

Athletic Recovery including assisted stretching, percussion, and compression therapy. Designed to support the athletic conditioning therapies resulting in increased range of motion, recovery intervals, and physical the movement mechanics.