Train Smart – Not Hard

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Secret Fitness Hacks of 200 Amateur Athletes Over 40

We have asked over 200 clients about the technology hacks they use and here is what we have discovered.
• Over 45% of BIOWAVES athletes use The Mirror or a comparable version of an interactive smart home gym.
• 74% consult Whoop or Oura Ring mainly for optimal training times.
• Over 80% of female and 40% of male clients over 40 years old have used or currently using Bioidentical hormones.
• Over half of clients use Bioelectric Fitness as a complimentary training method for sports, like tennis, golf or running.

The last two years have had a major impact on traditional fitness. Most people have integrated technology workouts into their homes. We are, also seeing a shift away from group fitness. The client has been looking for ways to accelerate training while maximizing the effects. The combination of nutrition and hormone replacement therapy integrated with fitness increases the demand for regenerative medicine practitioners. 34% of athletes perform at least 1 hormone test per year, and half of them are performed via virtual labs.
In conclusion, we are noticing increased emphasis on health. Clients are actively looking to minimize the risk of injury. The new theme is ‘Train Smart, Not Hard’