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Meeting Greeks and the Future at BIOWAVES in Miami

Fancy meeting your fellow Greeks and Europeans in Miami? Biowaves is the place to go – a boutique all-inclusive health and fitness center in the heart of Miami for people with high demands and great expectations. Their fitness program is based on EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation), which is a new way to work out without […]


Pilates vs. EMS

Bioelectric fitness has been transforming fitness around the world According to the latest statistics provided by EMS manufacturers over 5,500 hundred EMS devices have been deployed across Germany alone. Brazil, Italy, France, and to name just a few countries swept by the electro-fitness revolution have adopted professional Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Following FDA clearance in late […]

Victoria's Secret Models Martha Hunt and Elsa Hosk Boxing

Train Smart – Not Hard

Secret Fitness Hacks of 200 Amateur Athletes Over 40 We have asked over 200 clients about the technology hacks they use and here is what we have discovered. • Over 45% of BIOWAVES athletes use The Mirror or a comparable version of an interactive smart home gym. • 74% consult Whoop or Oura Ring mainly […]