Meeting Greeks and the Future at BIOWAVES in Miami


Fancy meeting your fellow Greeks and Europeans in Miami?

Biowaves is the place to go – a boutique all-inclusive health and fitness center in the heart of Miami for people with high demands and great expectations.

Their fitness program is based on EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation), which is a new way to work out without having to spend hours in the gym. Just one or two 20-minute sessions a week (to allow time for your muscles to repair and recoup before your next session) is all it takes for a well-toned body. It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract your muscles while you’re working out.

After just one month, you can expect to start seeing more muscle definition, loss of fat, and feel stronger and leaner. This technology accelerates your metabolism by burning 1000 calories in a 20-minute session (since you continue to burn for another 72 hours, there is also the ‘afterburn-effect’) and helps you build muscle much faster while simultaneously losing body fat.

EMS training helps eliminate toxins, stimulates blood flow, and increases collagen production. It strengthens each muscle fiber from the inside with unparalleled precision and targets muscle fibers at 80 contractions per second…

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Article in “The National Herald”
Posted by Catherina Ploumidaki