Exercise techniques for EMS equipment


Bioelectric Fitness requires modification of the traditional exercise routines

You are guaranteed to get better results by following these 3 basic principles:

1. Never practice alone.

The flow and precision of stimulation should be managed by the trainer in real-time. Ensure your coach is continuously adjusting stimulation and guiding every movement.

2. No weights.

This is especially important for individuals with a higher percentage of type II fibers. Avoid eccentric contractions. Most of the muscle activity in running and sprinting is eccentric, explaining why such strains most often occur in sprinters or ‘speed athletes’.

3. Consistency.

Even with 2 half-hour sessions per week consistency is a major obstacle for most. Keep in mind that different modes of exercise elicit different adaptations, which demand repetition (e.g. changing the ability of muscles to use fat as energy, VO2 max and lactate threshold, number of capillaries in muscles).