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An Intelligent Training System​

When we work out all muscle contractions come from the brain through the spinal cord. BIOWAVES uses professional-grade bi-polar electrode systems to bypass the central nervous system. This approach, known as “bio-hacking” activates muscle fibers by delivering electrical current directly to the motor neurons engaging muscles in a manner, which more safe and effective than the traditional pull-push technique. Instead of the usual few contractions per minute, BIOWAVES technology contracts muscles up to 80 times faster and stronger.

When performing Electric Muscle Stimulation we notice changes in body composition and the quality of the muscle tissue. Due to increased muscle density, you can expect to look toned and lean without developing the “bulk” physique even though the total muscle weight and bone density are increased. 

Guided Bioelectric Fitness treatment sessions conducted on 1:1 basis with an accredited Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WB EMS) specialist. High-intensity / low-impact training is the most advance physical exercise method available. The treatment offers all benefits of an intense fitness workout without stress on heart, joints, and back. A single 20-minute session delivers same level of strength conditioning as a 90-minute high-intensity workout.

Uses medical-grade FDA cleared technology and propitiatory BIOWAVES movement protocols.

BENEFITS: Muscle Definition, Chronic Back Pain Prevention, Improved Endurance.

Sculpting The Spinal Muscles​

As opposed to methods that temporarily ease pain, bioelectric fitness offers a long-lasting solution to injuries and body pain by targeting the root cause. Bioelectric fitness reaches the deepest muscles in your core and back, which helps your body lengthen and stabilize your spine while building new muscle fibers. This new performance therapy relaxes and rebuilds muscles in a short half-hour session. Better results than conventional strength training are guaranteed using this innovative therapy.

Each session improves spinal and joint function by reducing motion restriction and stiffness. We perform a spinal examination to determine which spinal segments are out of alignment and which ones have reduced motion. Experts will provide an enhanced training regimen and clients can access all active stretching techniques during each session.


Are you an athlete?

Combine BIOWAVES with your training and watch your performance reach new levels.
Whole Body EMS has been used by professional athletes for decades in order to rapidly increase strength, speed and recovery.
Tennis-EMS Miami


Endurance is essential to playing for every point and winning a match, even more so when they run long. A tennis match may easily last over two hours, so the demand you put on your legs is high.

There are specific programs to improve your response to these sporting situations without placing any resistance on knees, elbows and back.


It has been scientifically proven that 16 weeks of bi-weekly application significantly affects lean body mass in golfers compared to a non-training control group. In parallel, body-fat content decreased.

Moreover, improved range of motion and rotation speed has been observed with average speed increase by up to 40%.

Technology and Training Accreditation

The term Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) represents a broad category of low and medium-voltage neuromuscular stimulation devices. Choose EMS providers carefully to make sure your experience is both effective and safe. Generally, two types of EMS systems can be found in studios across the country – local EMS systems, and Whole Body EMS systems. 

Local EMS systems tend to be wireless used and are used in conjunction with traditional physical exercise. It is common in Bootcamp or HIT training and is typically administered in a group setting. Local EMS systems are not cleared by FDA in the US.

Whole Body EMS systems manufactured by Miha Bodytec or XBody are the only two professional-grade FDA options on the market in the United States as of 2022. Although the local and bi-polar EMS suit systems may look and feel similar they produce different results. Whole Body EMS systems are operated by licensed therapists. All forms of excessive external resistance (i.e. weights) must be avoided when performing WB EMS training to minimize the risk of injury. Because the device causes full muscle contraction, muscle fiber, and connective tissue may be damaged when excessive external resistance is applied. Whole Body EMS systems can be used for physical recovery, total body strength conditioning, and in some cases a zero-impact alternative to High-Intensity training. 

BIOWAVES works with the leading providers of Whole Body EMS equipment. We ensure that both the equipment and personnel operating the devices meet the highest levels of safety and quality standards. Our facilities offer professional training programs for individuals looking to become accredited Whole Body EMS professionals. Contact your local facility to inquire about our professional education programs. 

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