EMS Benefits


The Benefits of EMS Body Weight Workouts You Are Not Aware Of

Everyone is talking about the latest in the fitness industry – EMS personal training. Referred to as the Future of Fitness this seemingly simple training solution happens to be the most challenging and effective training system in the world.

Kept as a secret biohacking technique by Hollywood stars EMS has become an effective way to quickly achieve a perfect condition before filming. Moreover, professional athletes are known to employ EMS as a way to increase VO2 levels in the blood, promote natural recovery abilities, and rapidly increase strength. Examples include goalkeeper Jordi Codina and the current Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, and of course Lionel Messi. Soccer players are expected to have unbeatable endurance lower body strength and they can achieve this with EMS electrostimulation training.

Did you know that in addition to the well-recognized effect of weight-loss workout and general muscle tone, EMS training has many more beneficial effects on your well-being? Let’s look at them in more detail.

Weight Management Effects
Studies by German scientists confirm that even a 30-day 20 minute EMS workout program gives excellent results. If you are overweight, a month of fat-burning workouts leads to a loss of 2.5 inches in waist circumference or average weight loss is -7 pounds, hip reduction of 0.6 inches. Studies have shown that around 90% of the subjects after completing the course of training felt more slender and fit.

Healthy Back and Joint Recovery
The best prevention of back pain is the creation of a powerful muscle corset. Researchers have proven that regular EMS training provides prevention of back pain and helps fight their chronic forms. The latest research shows favorable outcomes on the effectiveness of electrical muscle stimulation treatment of chronic back pain. 50% of all study participants reported a reduction in back pain, with over 20% of pain stopping after just two sessions. The frequency and intensity of back pain attacks decreased in all subjects. Improved ability to walk longer, lift weights, drive a car for a long time is a common side effect of EMS training.

Metabolic Effects
Due to the stimulation of muscle fibers with electrical impulses, muscle tissue cells begin to consume protein more actively, and ultimately this leads to a general acceleration of metabolism. Your body begins to absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently from the food you eat. At the same time, carbohydrates are not converted into fats and are not deposited as a fatty layer, they go as an energy source for all the same muscles that are in tension. That is, in the course of training, you effectively use the energy resource, and over time, the body gets used to doing the same in the course of your normal activities. That is why, in combination with a proper diet, EMS training promotes the loss of fat accumulations and the acquisition of high-quality muscle mass.

Skin Quality Improvement as Additional Effect of EMC Workouts
Electric Muscle Stimulation strengthens connective tissues, activates metabolism, and gets rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat. It significantly improves skin condition and significantly reduces the appearance of cellulite.
The overall positive effect of EMS has already been proven by the medical community. However, the key to a successful weight loss regimen should include several more factors:
◦ Your perseverance and consistency in training. Only consistency and strict observance of the schedule will give the maximum result.
◦ An experienced trainer is paramount.
◦ High-quality equipment is critical for safety.
◦ Nutrition during EMS training is half the battle. It is important to choose the right balanced diet to reduce weight and still get enough energy for training.

Several barriers are preventing EMS from becoming a mainstream physical conditioning system. This includes a shortage of professional EMS expertise resulting in inconsistent training protocols and equipment. EMS is, also mistakenly labeled as “workout for the lazy” or presented as a replacement of other forms of exercise. Such studios as BIOWAVES, XBody, and Miha Bodytec work on democratizing EMS by ensuring quality and safety. FDA-approved equipment and internally accredited training programs offer peace of mind. Technology has finally taken on the fitness world giving us a glimpse of the future when bodies will be charged similar to electric cars.