Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation

It is a common fact that your physique is a reflection of your internal health. It is difficult, however, to balance appearance and health, without risk of injury. Looking good also requires time – not anymore!

Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB EMS) technology builds the muscle from inside by directly stimulating individual fibers. The muscles can be trained more intensively and for longer. Furthermore, the simultaneous training of all major muscle groups means that one-sided stresses and the formation of muscular imbalances are avoided. As a result, strength develops with unparallel precision without applying pressure on the spine and joints.

The 20-minute session offers the same effects as 3 hours of traditional training while activating 100% of the skeletal muscle

1 - 2 Weeks
Noticeably reduced back and joint pain.
3 - 4 Weeks
Changes in body tone and muscle density.
5 - 10 Weeks
Permanent improvement in body composition, including muscle gain and fat loss.
11 - 20 Weeks
Metabolic changes and noticeable improvement of stamina sexual drive.

twice a week for


minutes per session

up to


calories burned

activates up to

0 %

muscle in your body



days guaranteed result

Frequently asked questions

Firstly, any variations of functional and resistance training are excludedno weights, fitness equipment, etc. Muscles are trained using EMS with an unparalleled precision for unbeatable results. The traditional exercise techniques used in fitness (i.e. push ups, crunches, and squads) are replaced with static and dynamic muscle isolation movements. You will not learn how to play tennis or run faster. We leave fitness to athletic coaches. Out goal is to improve health and physical appearance (i.e. increase muscle, reduce fat, etc). Bio electric wave stimulation (also known as whole body electrical muscle stimulation) allows us to isolate individual muscles and activate fibers with the impulse frequency, strength, and duration required in order to produce a desired physiological response, such as changes in muscular endurance, strength and size. In addition, there is absolutely no stress on spine and joints. Moreover, there is chance of muscle damage because all external resistance, such as weights is avoided and sufficient recovery time is built into the training regiment. This form of physical training requires a completely different training platform and you have just found it.

Yes – just like any other medical device when used improperly. Muscle stimulation must be administered by an accredited professional.

Furthermore, the effects of every stimulation should be closely monitored. Various diagnostic methods can be used to assess stress levels from the training and should always be integrated into the training process.

Important: EMS training should never be carried out in a group setting due to the difference in individuals’ physiological response to the stimulation.

Yes, because muscles are being worked at a significantly higher than normal rate. A person responds to the stimulation by displaying a higher energy (calories) consumption rate. Even several days after the session you should expect to be burning up to 300 additional calories per day. A permanent increase in a basal metabolic rate is observed when BIOWAVES ™ is being applied consistently at least once a week.

BIOWAVES ™ should not be confused with ab muscle stimulators, sculpt, TENS units and many other devices used to either temporarily reduce pain or create the “pumped” appearance in the abdominal region, etc.

BIOWAVES ™ is the first permanent solution for full-body training approved by FDA and internationally recognized as the only viable solution for strength conditioning.

It has been clinically proven that Whole Body EMS systems, such as BIOWAVES ™ can be used by individuals looking to increase muscle density (i.e. the firm look) and muscle size.

The effect can be felt after the first session and are tracked using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. Every training program has two main milestones.

The first step is the creation of a balanced regiment and calibration of your resistance parameters. This is matched against key physiological factors calibrated based on the amount of sleep, dietary factors, and comprehensive hormone testing.

Once we know what works for the particular patient our team will work on delivering training (typically, two 20-minute sessions per week) and closely monitoring subsequent physiological changes.


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