Open Your EMS Business

We have franchise opportunities available in almost every state in the US


Athletic Coach

Upgrade your equipment and skills and see your client’s performance reach new limits. Be the first one to offer transformative experience – discover more speed, power a swing, and regain posture in a fraction of time.

Fitness Instructor

Strength conditioning on the spot. BIOWAVES sessions complement a broad range of fitness protocols. No fitness equipment required. Your BIOWAVES kit includes most advanced strength and endurance training technology on the market.

Physical Therapist

Do not just treat existing conditions, but help prevent them from occurring. Offer your patients a new conditioning system that improves muscle plasticity, strength and flexibility making it easier to avoid athletic injuries.


The demand for Electric Muscle Stiumaltion training is rapidly growing around the world. 70% of our population in the US is not physically active lifestyle due to the lack of time to train, injuries or they haven’t had any success or fun during trainings so they stopped. BIOWAVES gives all the answers for the excuses. This revolutionary rapid conditioning system is more effective than traditional methods. Anyone can save a considerable amount of time while keeping the consistent.

This is the future of effective training and BIWOAVES stands at the forefront of EMS services. It is the only professional EMS systems focused on health and professional conditioning. It featuring the priopriotry training protocls, cost-effective, established brand in the local market, and profit increasing functions.

We also share with our studio partners access to customer base, managed marketing, operation, assistance with training and hiring coaches, as well as complete day-to-day operational support.


Opening your first studio doesn’t require much time, if you set up a good plan, execution can be quite fast and effective, resulting in having your own studio running in 60 days.

Compared to other industries, the initial investment is low and the return on investment can be high and fast. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to elevate your career providing life-changing most advanced physical performance enhacement therapy.


Unlike a tradition franchise, BIOWAVES provides all components of EMS franchise in on package for the lowest price. By joining BIOWAVES franchise network you will obtain access to proven resources and support, while maintaing complete control over your business.

It makes ownership and operation of a professional EMS facility or a mobile business affordable and reliable investment. By making a decision to join BIOWAVES network you automatically gain peace of mind in your future, while becoming an elite practioner in of of the most exiting field. 


No Franchise Fees

We focus on transforming health and fitness business models for independent health and fitness professionals all over the United States. The franchise model gives you access to work with clients that look for physical training professionals. A franchise investment is as low as $30,000.

Franchise Model

Mobile or Physical Setup Options

A collaboration model unlike any other. Forget royalties and hidden fees. Experience a unqiue partnership model suitable for enterpeneurs looking to grow their personal brand. Our business model has been created for enterprenurs looking to retain independence over their investment, with support from an established brand.

Studio Operation

Dedicated Operational Support

As a partner, we are here to ensure you have everything you need along your journey to BIOWAVES franchise ownership. Here are a few key milestones to expect.

Start EMS Business in 2 Months

Get Certified

Professional BIOWAVES ™️ certification program will prepare you to conduct Whole Body EMS sessions.
Only training program in the world that combines both, theoretical with practical live in-studio experience.

Purchase Equipment

Getting your own professional grade EMS device is a critical step. We will guide through the evaluation and purchasing process as well. Our goal is help you procure best equipment at the best price.

Start Your Franchise

Complete business operation and support, including state licensing, online presence, training, marketing and more. Rely on a proven operating blueprint and gain access to our client base in your area.