Welcome to Physical Performance Enhancement Center

Welcome to Physical Performance Enhancement Center

Dedicated Experts Specializing In Safe And Innovative Physical Conditioning

Redefine Your Shape and Physical Performance

When you work out normally, all muscle contractions come from your brain and through your spinal cord. BIOWAVES bypasses the central nervous system and works by delivering electrical current directly to your nerves and externally contracts your muscles in a safe manner.

Instead of the usual few contractions per minute, BIOWAVES technology contracts muscles up to 80 times faster and stronger. This allows you to engage your muscles much more deeply and completely without straining your spine, joints and tendons.


Noticeably improve the way you look and feel without sacrificing time.Noticeable effects after several sessions.

Get Rid of Chronic Back Pain

As opposed to methods, which temporarily ease pain, BIOWAVES offers a long-lasting solution to injuries and back pain by targeting the root cause

By reaching deep muscles in your core and back that can’t be reached with conventional exercises, BIOWAVES helps your body lengthen and stabilize your spine while building new muscle fibers.

This new performance therapy relaxes and rebuilds muscles in a short 20-minute sessions. Better results than conventional strength training are guaranteed using this new therapy.


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18.5 - 24.9 Normal
25 - 29.9 Overweight
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